Is It Time To Plan?


What is the plan?


Many of us do plan for end of life, what church, what cemetery, what funeral home but somehow the decision of what our remains will reside in is often left up to family. We don’t know what lies beyond but wouldn’t you like to have the comfort of knowing your remains are in an urn of your choice, a reflection of you, where you might want to be?

We're here to help


Carolina Furniture Restoration is a business, with a heart. We are here to make this decision as easy on you as possible. We encourage you to ask any questions.

We offer choices


You or your loved one might like an urn with a picture of a favorite remembrance framed on top. Maybe an urn made to look like a book to sit on a shelf. We can re-purpose, convert or incorporate a cherished furniture item, using your design to create a one of a kind memorial urn. If inurnment is in the plan, we will work with your funeral home to make sure our designs are within the specifications of your burial vaults.

Do you you or does your loved one have a favorite wood?


Carolina Memorial Urns is dedicated to provide custom burial urns made from some of the finest selections of wood. We can provide a choice of traditional wood such as Cherry, Maple and Walnut to the finer exotic woods such as Afrormosia, Cocobolo, Purple Heart, Rosewood or Teak.

Thank you for your time. Sincerley, Brian T. Etchells


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