Couch after

Carolina Furniture Restoration provides the best in-house
and in-home furniture repair and restoration in the area.

Our facility has highly trained and skilled professionals who work with the latest state of the art equipment to ensure project results meet your needs.

We can restore the brilliance, luster and integrity to your damaged and worn furniture. Our experts will professionally repair structural damages to furniture legs, arms, backs, and cabinets. Removal of minor scratches and dents in your hardwood floors and cabinets are not a problem. For custom upholstery, we can help you pick from a wide selection of fabric samples to update your furnishings. All types of furniture, even in the worst shape, can be revived. Please check What We Do for a list of many of our services.

Antique restoration is more than a new can of finish. It is taking the time and having the expertise to make sure your antique retains all of its original characteristics. There are some precious things in this world that are worth having restored to original condition -- or better.

We know we have the skills and expertise to do most any restoration for our customers.  But how do we prove it to you? We restored an antique couch this past month and chose to feature the project in our Gallery. Please take a moment to follow the stages of this restoration project and have a look at other projects in our Gallery.

Brian T. Etchells
Carolina Furniture Restoration, Owner
"The table actually looks better than new, now that it has been refinished. "
Samuel E, Garner NC